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Georgia Officially Demands To Be Renamed To Batman

Vashadze "I even have a flag design"

Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs addressed the international community demanding to call the country Batman from now on. According to the twelve page document published by the Ministry, country’s capital Tbilisi should be called Gotham City and Georgians should further be referred to as Batmen. Minister of Foreign Affairs Grigol Vashadze explained the initiative: “We suddenly realized that Batman sounds so much cooler than Georgia. And that is pretty much the only justification we can think of right now…Oh, also the word Batman is more recognizable to Americans, who happen to be our strategic partners”.

President to be further referred to as 'The Dark Knight'

Under proposed amendments country’s President will have the Constitutional right to wear Batman suit during official meetings and ceremonies. It is largely believed that due to its awesomeness the suit will raise the effectiveness of Georgian diplomacy by estimated 170 % during official negotiations and will force heads of other states to approach Georgian President and take photographs, thus increasing positive publicity.

Press Secretary of the incumbent President Valiko Krakashvili told reporters that the President is very excited about MFA’s initiative and will do everything in his hands to speed up the referendum. “We contacted several companies that make Halloween costumes and are currently expecting their bids.  The President really wants to make it to San Francisco ComicCon conference too”

Huseyin Kalkan, Mayor of the Turkish town ironically called Batman too demanded Georgian authorities to “cut the crap”. The town had been preparing a lawsuit against Warner Brothers and the director Christopher Nolan since 2008. “Georgians have no idea what they are getting into,  since that movie came out in 2005 the suicide rate in Batman tripled. I guess because of overall disappointment with lack of actual Batman in town. If they do it countrywide, the death toll will be huge”, — warned Kalkan.

Sources claim that Country Formerly Known As Georgia is considering two more name options: “Spider-Man” as relatively pretty cool too and “Captain America” as a more pro-American variant.

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