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Earth in Shock: A Government Openly Prostitutes

Unforgettable night 47°26′N 19°15′E, Earth

Government of Hungary, an average sized country from the planet Earth is accused of soliciting sexual services to Azerbaijan, a country from the very same planet. Witnesses say sex between the two countries erupted in Government offices of Budapest, swept all the way to Azerbaijan, where Hungary performed several blowjobs and ended with a makeout session of the exhibitionist couple in front of entire international community.

Various analysts claim that the long erotic night cost Azerbaijan as much as 2-3 bln dollars , a jawdropping sum that even prostitution moguls have never heard of. “Well, I’ve heard of several occasions when indecent amount of money was paid for sex, but nowhere near 3 bln. One thing I’m sure about Hungary had to really work hard for that money and I do mean seriously perverted sex with gangbang action, triple penetration, banned sex toys and  possibly some domestic animals”, — says Sabrina, 32 elite escort facilitator.

Historians around the world agree that it was the first instance of prostitution by a Government of a country. “There were quite some whores throughout history and I do mean really naughty sluts, there were families who turned sexindustry into a family tradition. But this is the first case when a state is involved in prostitution, that’s phenomenal given that it’s the oldest profession on the planet”, says Richard Carrington Ph.D., Harvard.

Happy ending guaranteed

Allegedly Azerbaijan paid so much money on the condition that they can videotape the whole act and broadcast it to its population several times a day. President Aliyev strongly beleives that the Hungary sex tape should be the core of morale boost in the country and his future realection campaign. “Yes I’ve heard some negative opinions about the whole fucking-Hungary-for-money thingie, but this is exactly how I see the future of Azerbaijan. Every young Tofik should know that there’s no crime too shameful for the Azeri nation to be proud of”, — concluded Aliyev. Hungarian prime-minister Orban did not elaborate on the incident much “Why make a big deal of all this? Can’t a country be a whore any more?…Can’t it make a few bucks for state budget…besides, Azerbaijan was very unipressive and brief in bed, so no big deal”.

Official price list of sexual services may be downladed from the official website of Government of Hungary, just mind that the schedule is packed till 2057.


  1. Sargis Shahverdyan via Facebook Sargis Shahverdyan via Facebook 02/09/2012

    Hzor er:)))

  2. Catherine Catherine 03/09/2012

    I believe the article refers to those Hungarians who were disrespectful to the Armenian nation, not to each and every Hungarian but to those who contributed and continue to contrinute to the flourishment of ethnic crimes.

  3. Shahane Shahane 09/09/2012

    էս մեկը գուցե պե՞տք չէր թարգմանել:

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