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Nothing Interesting Happening in Sweden

Nothing happening in Sweden
Seriously, nothing is happening

STOCKHOLM — News outlets around the world keep reporting that nothing exciting or noteworthy is happening in Sweden. Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt tried to dismiss the accusations early this morning, saying that events in the country take place on almost daily basis: “On my way to the bathroom I met Joseph Gustavsen, head of the Swedish opposition, he said good morning and smiled, but I distinctivly felt something strange in his voice. I don’t know what it was but things happen in this country. I’m sure there will be more events this week.”

Apparently not much is happening with Swedish civil society too after the failure of USAID/Sweden project, that simply found nothing to improve or reform. Head of “We Love Sweden As It Is” NGO Kripke Svensen said they had to collect signatures last month to ban an Aerosmith concert in Stockholm: “That band was just too loud. And that guy with the really giant mouth just seemed he could yell really loud, I don’t think our senior citizens whould appreciate that.” Latest population census indicated that 79.4% of Swedish is aged 65 and more and even the 30 babies that are born every year come with grey hair and peaceful wisdom in their eyes.

“Someone sneezed very loudly early this morning, my guys are investigating that”. ArmComedy spoke with Chief of Police Folke Bernadotte who told  about major crime uprise in 2008: “A Stockholm senior citizen came home and discovered that her cat was stolen. We had to send both our policemen. The crisis was averted when the cat returned, supposedly after a month of hanky-panky with other cats. The situation stabilized after that.”

Sweden was last mentioned in news in 1983 when country’s only band ABBA gave it’s last concert. After 25 of silence, some map makers started printing maps that simply had a giant lake instead of Sweden. King Carl XVI Gustaf had to oranize a press conference, where he pesonally opened Google Earth and proved that the country still exists. More importantly King Carl XVI personally met ArmComedy after hearing on the TV channel  about two foreigners arriving at Stockholm airport. He warmly welcomed us and asked many questions about Armenia — questions mostly related to obtaining visas and immigration opportnities.
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  1. Dreamer Dreamer 11/10/2010

    Вот за эти ньюансы вас люблю “after hearing on the TV channel…” ))))

  2. Aovin Aovin 11/10/2010

    Guys , you ‘ r the BEST. You’r one of the reasons I sill live here in THIS country

  3. Narek Narek Post author | 11/10/2010

    @Dreamer Lublu kogda zamechayut )) Spasibo
    @Aovin It’s comments like this that inspire us for more )) Thank you

  4. Anna Anna 12/10/2010

    Absolutely hillarious now that I remember the first months of my life in that country and it was fall, almost wintertime!!! I almost thought like you, guys…
    But… Stockholm is really the best city in Scandinavia (and one of the best in europe) and very cosmopolitan, you just need to know the right places to hang around and see what’s happening. and the Vikings are REALLY loud, just get on the subway on a friday night.
    and… the dudes of Placebo are actually swedes…
    and let me know if you really wanna be in sweden!

  5. Narek Narek Post author | 12/10/2010

    I’m sure you’re right Anna jan, same can be said about all streotypes. But stereotypes are funnier )))

  6. Christopher from Sweden Christopher from Sweden 15/10/2010

    I felt nothing reading this article. I liked it.

  7. Ծովինար Ծովինար 18/11/2010

    BOTH:)))) (“We had to send both our policemen.”)

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