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By Sergey

Armen requires a rare female donor with XXL breast size..

YEREVAN — Armen Aristakesyan from Yerevan is turning 25 in July and he is still a virgin. Help find a female donor to get laid with ASAP.

Armen Aristakesyan’s plight remains dire after 24 years of fruitless relationships. His family comes from socially insecure middle-class layer, so Armen cannot afford a prostitute or the upper class sluts. Nor is Armen capable of resorting to rape due to health condition which makes intensive physical pressure harmful for his heart.

Armen has tried relationships, but most of girls he came to befriend in Yerevan had strong feelings against pre-marital sex. «I tried everything, but they would only agree to moderate petting, not even involving breast and thigh areas», sighs Armen. «All I want is just find the right girl for me.. a nice cool sweet and caring girl for a quick fuck. Is it too much to ask for?,» loses it Armen.

The situation is aggravated by the fact of his friends’ attitude to his condition. Most of Armen’s friends and peers had experienced sexual intercourse in one way or another and use every occasion to mock the young man for the incidental immaturity.

«Normally we mock him only verbally by mainstream insults like «Sissy asshole» or «Jumbo douche»,’ explains Armen’s key bully Miasnik Nahapetyan, 23. «However, recently we tend to also slap him on the neck or even resort to throwing red apples on him.. you know.. for the irony reasons», adds Nahapetyan.

Armen’s parents have made desperate attempts to send the boy to Moscow, however lack of funds has held them back from it. «Armen is a great boy and we are devastated by his current condition», said Armen’s mother. «He is a very nice and caring young man, please help him get laid, if you have the opportunity at hand..»

«Armen is a great guy and he doesn’t need anything. Just leave him alone,» retorts owner of local porn magazines shop. «He is doing just fine and handles his condition just fine, so just don’t bother him with the useless and expensive intercourse temptations.»

As young man’s friends and relatives support Armen in this dire situation, his age adds to the tragic grief. With every year he feels clumsier and clumsier about his condition. «Some years ago I was just a 20-year-old virgin which was ok. But now… Jesus, I don’t wanna wake up a 35-year-old virgin some day..», claims Armen.

As Armen’s tragedy circulates in Yerevan, his family hope for a helping hand to step in and offer a relief to the desperate Arabkir community youth. Armen has received offers of help from local gay community, but he keeps that option as «plan B», in case he finds no luck by 30th birthday. Armen’s condition is aggravated by his rare donor requirement – Armen prefers women with significantly large breast. Armen needs you help. If you are aware of females with no opposition to pre-marital sex and not seeking sex-related commitments, please contact Armen ASAP for. You may save a good young Armenian boy’s life.