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2 New Videos from Comedy Night 8

Hi everyone, ArmComedy will be back to its normal regime starting Monday, and right now we’d like to offer you two brand new videos from our Comedy Night 8 in English. For everyone who was not in the country, didn’t find seats or just didn’t care to come, we’ll put most of the videos  up on Youtube eventualy.

Here are two sketches:  Smart Ass NGO and Interview with Raymond Mardirosian.


  1. nienta nienta 03/06/2010

    The Show was not just hilarious but smart verry smart!!!! Thank you two and all for doing this!! I keep citing and telling my friends about it… they’re so sorry to have missed it ( … I know you have your lives to live but please hurry up – can’t wait to share other youtube additions with friends… )))

    • armcomedy armcomedy 03/06/2010

      Thank you very much for the kind words. 2 more sketches will be posted on Friday, and we’ll keep adding up every week. Watch for new PSAs too 🙂

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