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Georgia’s New Defense Minister Just turned 28

By Narek

Georgia Defense MinisterGeorgian President Mikheil Saakashvili appointed a new Defense Minister, Bacho Akhalaia, who is only 28-years-old. When asked what were the reasons for such choice, President Saakashvili answered: “I saw Bacho play Age of Empires II better than anyone I know”.

To journalists question whether being good in a computer strategy game qualifies the recent school graduate to lead the army of entire country President said “No you don’t get it. He’s really, REALLY good at the game. He defeats 8 enemy nations at VERY HARD setting, while I can only defeat 1-2 at VERY EASY setting”

The new Minister met the press at a press conference and used “modernization of the army, peace and NATO integration” and other smart phrases. He underlined that he will start production of new upgraded Georgian Army units immediately.

3 Times Champion of Age of Empires II

We would like to remind to our readers that Bacho was the winner of annual Age Of Empires II tournaments in 2002, 2003 and 2005. He missed 2004 tournament because he met this really cute girl in University and spent his time dating rather than playing the strategy.

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  1. Jack Ass Jack Ass 03/11/2009

    ha -ha …
    armenians suck ass and every sucess of georgia gets in your nerves. Bacho was chosen because he is a very strong strategic fugure both for intenal and external affairs. Opposite to armenian defence minister he has decision making ability that armenia has not seen yet and is not going to see because you guys dont even have an army, because your defence is built purely by russian troops that supply weapons to Azeri side.
    before you joke about georgians, check your own back yeard…

    • armcomedy armcomedy 04/11/2009

      Yes we really envy you. Our Defense Minister is not as good at Age of Empires, he likes to build many pikemen units and never builds enough horseman units. He’s more of a Warcraft player I think. That’s why I envy you at this very second!
      P.S. Is “Jack Ass” your real name or you just put it to tease? Coz if it is real, it’s very, very ironic.

  2. salsero salsero 05/11/2009

    it seems like different nations’ sense of humor isn’t on the same level :))

    • armcomedy armcomedy 05/11/2009

      To be honest I don’t think there is one universal level to measure sense of humor ))) yet we can all agree that Germans have no sense of humor at all )))

      P.S. Ukraine is one of our favorite countries and I don’t know why we don’t have anything on it so far. Исправiмся 🙂

  3. salsero salsero 05/11/2009

    PS waiting for some mews from Ukraine. It isn’t the most boring country, is it?

    • armcomedy armcomedy 28/11/2009

      done )

  4. Ani Ani 01/12/2009

    honorable Jack ass!!! You know our nation has always had a great number of talanted people of whom we can really be proud, I am sureyours too and there is no point in putting the argument in this ugly way, all in all remember once we were one nation. I am just very sorry that you don’t have sense of humor and can’t appriciate the humor our gear Sergej and Narek have made, still I wish you the best

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