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MPs’ Lives Matter – Armenia Vows to Embrace Politically-Challenged Groups

Armenia Urged to Treat MPs as equal fellow-humans
Armenia Urged to Treat MPs as equal fellow-humans

YEREVANArmenia has received a $300 mln grant from UN to adapt the society to the special needs of MP community. The project envisages integration of the traditionally isolated social group into all areas of country’s life through training and increase of tolerance toward the MP persons.

For decades Armenia’s so-called politically-challenged minority has been marginalized in a specialized facility dubbed “National Assembly” and set apart from mainstream society.

Some of the skeptics still believe it is best to keep MPs in specialized facility under intensive scrutiny. “I can’t feel safe for my children playing in the yard or going to school, if the legislative freaks are allowed to freely ramble the streets and attend classes at same school”, — says mother of 3, Mariam Hakobyan.

MP diagnosed with terminal 'shmays' calls on public to open hearts.
MP diagnosed with terminal ‘shmays’ calls on public to open hearts.

Government however is determined to set up a task-force to adjust the “parliamentary-challenged” individuals to the general public through a specific plan.

The 5-step plan involves:

  1. Create Turkish flag-burning corners at schools and public institutions for Dashnak-impaired citizens.
  2. Equip and run at least 2 public transportation vehicles adapted for BHK-sized residents.
  3. Make literature more Republican-friendly doubling the font size and inserting more pictures into books.
  4. Organizing trainings on how to communicate with “multiple-heritage personality” disorder and set-up handshake lounges for compulsive Raffilians.
  5. Replace the severely insulting name “Orinats Yerkir/Legal State” with more politically correct “Armenian Renaissance”.

According to the Political Heath Institute there are currently 131 citizens diagnosed with Parliamentary Syndrome and are placed at Baghramyan-based facility.

UN representatives call on government to rapidly adjust Yerevan to this community. George McBobbins, head MP-Equality department says: “MPs need to be adapted now, since their number may increase dramatically in Spring. We can’t have any more MP-shaming and MP-phobia flooding the mind of the new generation of Armenians”.



The article was produced in association with AUA Public Opinion Shaping group.