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New Goverment Plan — Armenians Abroad Should Send More Money Home

"Economic boom can be that simple - just send more money home"
“Economic boom can be that simple — just send more money home”

YEREVANGovernment moves to push Armenians working in Russia and other seasonal job sites to send more money to families. Prime Minister Abrahamyan expects boosting spending climate, if program works out.

At Monday Government session new PM Hovik Abrahamyan unveiled new Republican agenda aimed to stimulate local market and economy in general. “It’s hard times in Armenian economy and it’s time for our relatives abroad to chip in. We call on all the Armenians working in Russia and.. well, let’s focus on Russia for now, who have families here to send more money in,” stated head of the Government.

Independent analyst Aharon Adibekyan supported the initiative, calling the new Prime Minister “Best thing that happened to Armenia since WWII”.

“It’s simple, it’s measurable, it’s attainable, it’s realistic and timely.. It’s just SMART move by the Government, given that creating an actual economy with industry and that stuff may take years and efforts and worst of all — competence,” — concludes Adibekyan.

"Ask not what your country has done for you. Ask... other stuff"
“Ask not what your country has done for you. Ask… other stuff”

Number 2 state official has endorsed the plan, as well. Galust Sahakyan specifically mention a few areas: “It’s just takes some willpower. Our men working in Russia should cut back on sex adventures and focus on their immediate family members in Armenia.”

Seasonal workers have responded with moderate disappointment. Armen, 42, Moscow-based asphalt laying associate says his fellow Armenians are ready to support the economy. “It’s not going to be much fun, but if that’s the government program, we’re just going to chip in”.

While the program is in its initial stage, officials do not rule out expansion of the geography and involving increased transfers from other European and later on Middle-East-based seasonal workers.

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