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3D Update — Webisode #11 — Hungerstriker (English version)

Our first attemp at doing an English language edition of 3D Update. Still shaping things up: working on the format, developing new ideas and etc. So here’s the first English webisode, enjoy.

In this webisode:

  • Raffi Hovhannisyan’s Hunger Strike
  • Turkey vs Libya
  • Iranians assimilating in Armenia
  • ANC seizes Liberty Square
  • and etc


Մեկ մեկնաբանություն

  1. Ծովինար Ծովինար 29/04/2011

    Good idea to have an English edition! Good job guys!

    Libya part was cool :)) I would complete it with a fact that Gadaffi awarded Erdoghan for humanism and smtg like that and now when his own people demand him to give the award back, he refuses! This is a great mockery!!! And this is serious! Sorry I can’t find a way to make a joke on that. I rely on you ;))))

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