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Resignation Pandemic Strikes ArmComedy: Sergey and Narek Quit USAID

Sergey and Narek come out of the closet as openly comedian

Sources have leaked that ArmeComedy’s board members Sergey and Narek have submitted resignation letters to USAID leaving behind development business to pursue a full-time comedy career. Although the authors refuse to comment on the leaks, several insiders confirm the rumor referring to sources from Media Desk of ArmCom’s Outreach Department.

Unlike traditional reason for resignations in Armenia, this one reportedly does not involve beating up presidential staff.

“USAID has been our home for many years and it is with sadness that I and Narek make this important decision”, says Sergey with reportedly visible tears in his non-Armenianly small eyes. “Although Development and Comedy normally go hand-in-hand, there is time when little things get in the way, one thing leads to another and next thing you know – you want to be a full-time clown.”

One of Narek’s recent Facebook status updates has reportedly stated: “There is time to do USAID stuff, and there is time to stop it for the sake of a funnier Armenia.” Analysts hesitate to comment on this message.

“I hesitate to comment on this,” shares Richard Giragosyan. “On second thoughts, there may be negative reactions from comedians in Turkey and Azerbaijan, but I don’t think Russia will let things get out of control. But it’s important they remember the significance of Iran in the region and refrain from Mohammad jokes at least for a couple of years”.  

The two Armcomedy Board members came out of the closet as openly comedian back in 2007, but have since been professionally displaced in various non-comedian projects. Sources report there is much Christmas shopping happening at the moment which keeps the Media Desk busy, but more comments and clarifications will follow in late January, 2011.