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Russia Officially Announces Fourth Reich

Russia nazi fascist
The moment Hitler dreamed about comes true 65 years later

Moscow-for-Moscovites, RUSSIAN REICH — Early Saturday Russian President Medvedev signed a number of legislative acts, officially renaming capital Moscow to Moscow-for-Moscovites and the whole country from Russian Federation into Russian Reich. Estimated ten thousand young Nazis gathered on the Red Square to celebrate the long expected decision with joyful Nazi salutes and some casual ethnic minority beating.

While many Russians object to becoming Fourth Reich, President Medvedev said the following: “What you all need to keep in mind is that I am the cool and progressive Twiter/iPhone using President, I mean fuhrer….sorry takes time to adjust… Anyway I know this might seem strange at first since we lost 20 mln. lives fighting fascism in WWII, but the time has come to do something about the immigrants. And after long discussions the Government decided that beating the shit out of them would be the most progressive and intellectual solutions.” Those citizens who do not accept the openly Nazi government are likely to be relocated to Siberia, where they can join immigrants from Caucasus, Asia at new exciting concentration camps awaiting labor force.

Russia nazi fascist Moscow
Quite possibly Russia's next President

ArmComedy managed to find a blond wig to interview one of the rioting skinheads who agreed to answer a few questions while kicking a young Kazakh student in the face with 7 other like-minded. “They are not even Russians…All these sober guys coming here taking our jobs, being so irresistibly sexy to our women…it’s just not fair. I think once we get rid of them my life will change” said Anton Kozlov, 24 year old Nazi jackass. In the crowd we spotted a 15 year old girl with a Molotov cocktail trying to set a car on fire: “I dated a guy from Armenia. We went on 2 dates and then he never called.” A petition was sent to Mayor of Moscow asking to demolish all of the city’s hotels, motels and hostels to emphasize one of the crowd’s main points “Moscow for Moscovites.”

Russia’s transformation wasn’t welcomed by any sane world leaders, however early today President Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin both received mysterious telegrams from Argentina. “Grandpa would be very proud.”


  1. Ծովինար Ծովինար 14/12/2010

    Good job, guys. It is funny and painful at the same time. The perspective you describe is dangerously possible as far as Russian authorities are very violent in dispersing opposition demonstrations who strive for democracy, tolerance, and human rights; but they become very gentle when it comes to the neo-fascist demonstrations and attacks on “outsiders” (both Russian and foreign citizens) in Moscow. I would add some other “outsiders” from Russia (Daghestanis, Osetians, Bashkirs, and so on) in this story.

    Thanks for keeping the pace with the events around.

  2. Narek Narek Post author | 14/12/2010

    Yes the neo-nazis are obviously among the few things in the country Putin is gentle about. I wonder what would happen if the opposition threw bottles at the police

  3. HN HN 14/12/2010

    I wonder what Fantomas is doing in the first photo? 🙂

  4. vozni vozni 14/12/2010

    it looks like a government order, fueled youth. But soon will come “steady hand” and all will be comforted and saved.

  5. Sanya Sanya 14/12/2010

    Definitely looks like a Nashi movement. Then again, it’s more the reason why they need the World Cup. Only a radical (in relation to Russia) world event can probably change those fucktards. They need some love.

  6. Felix Felix 15/12/2010

    Nu i roji ahahaa ))

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