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Jackson Fan Just Found Out the Idol Is Dead

Lenny Summers didn't cry over MJ's death. He just didn't know.

Wichita Falls, Texas — Lenny Summers, a 36 year old Texan is a big Michael Jackson fan, but it was until yesterday that he had absolutely no clue of pop idol’s death. Entire world is amazed by the fact that somehow Lenny managed to miss all the tremendous media coverage of singer’s death, living in US, and not being in a coma. Lenny’s wife Sarah said in an interview: “My husband has always been a Michael Jackson fan, and when Michael died, I just figured he didn’t care cos he never discussed it with me. I had no idea he had no idea.”

We did manage to get Lenny out of the dark room, where he was listening to “Bad” — his favorite  Michael Jackson album, and got him to talk a little bit. “I’m shocked and devastated. I can’t believe he’s dead and I can’t believe nobody told me. How can people be so insensitive? And my wife…how can she be such a bitch? Many times I told her how I’m waiting for Michael’s new concerts, tours…she lied to me.”

Apparently the huge misunderstanding in the Summers family may end up with a divorce. “Yes he mentioned several times, how he’d love to go to Michael’s new concerts and I always sighed along, kissed him and said: “Yeah Lenny who wouldn’t…” Seriously who could guess he was unaware of MJ’s death? It’s been over one year for God’s sake…” shared a soon-to-be divorced mother of two

Jackson’s death June 25 2009, received highest coverage since World War II victory and was in every newspaper, newscast and website for over two months and for two months the New York Times ran only 3 headlines over and over: “Jackson Dead”, “Jackson Still Dead” and the infamous “Michael Lives…no wait…Still Dead.” We asked Steve how it was possible to miss all that. “I really don’t know. I guess I just happened to turn the channels accidentally every time they talked about Michael. I only read the sports page in newspapers and use Internet exclusively for hardcore porn.” — said the clueless fan.

While millions of fans around the world still suffer the loss of the brilliant musical genius Michael Jackson was, ArmComedy reminds everyone that unfortunately the King of Pop is still dead. We’ll keep you updated of any changes in the current situation.[ad#Google Adsense Horizontal]

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