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Cultural Learnings of Banks for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Hayastan

ArmComedy researches banking system in Armenia

Dear friends,

ArmComedy is happy to announce its new initiative: Mystery Shopping among banks in Armenia. Next week, the whole editorial team of the blog (i.e. both of us) will savagely explore the “if”s and “why”s of Banks in Yerevan.

We will stop by the banks and ask them a list of questions based on which a respective article will follow.

Now everyone can contribute. Post here any questions you want us to ask; anything you are annoyed with or have been trying to understand for ages. Our main goal is to discover why banks give loans at such incredibly high interest rates, why you can’t take more than 100.000 AMD out of certain ATM’s, why there exists ‘service fee’ for having a credit/debit card (i.e. what exactly is the maintenance charge for) and what is the stance of banks on issues of women, Jews, Gypsies, Molokans and, of course, the Beatles.

Good questions — both serious and Borat-style — will be shortlisted to be asked to bank officials in Yerevan.

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  1. E.G. E.G. 10/03/2010

    Sergey jan,

    Ask them, how much sense does it make to make me pay 5000 for them to issue me a paper, which says I have my money in their bank! Absurdistan! Payme so I tell them you have money with me ? 🙁

  2. Suicide Bomber Suicide Bomber 10/03/2010

    100% Agree, and that bank is HSBC!!!

    They claim, they don’t have any service fees but ,in fact, they have plenty of fees, for everything, starting from issuing bank statements and finishing with fees for review of credit line, let alone fees for loan servicing, et, etc.

  3. Tatevik Tatevik 10/03/2010

    great! mystery shoppers!!! good luck!

  4. armcomedy armcomedy 10/03/2010

    Please specify complaints and services you believe are charged unfairly. We will be happy to raise it with leadership of respective banks.

  5. Suicide Bomber Suicide Bomber 10/03/2010

    Well, I prepared a comparison of MasterCard Standard plastic card charges in 3 Armenian Banks-HSBC, ACBA, AEB. Can you see the difference?

    HSBC — 12,000 AMD annual fee, 2.5% cash withdrawal fee (min 1,000 AMD), no annual interest rate on positive balance, 24% annual interest rate on credit line, on-line transfers within the ARCA system-0,5%, SMS notifications free-of-charge

    ACBA — 10,000 AMD annual fee, 1% cash withdrawal fee everywhere (min 1,500 AMD abroad), 2% annual interest rate on positive balance, 16-24% annual interest rate on credit line, on-line transfers within the ARCA system-0,3%, SMS notifications 30 AMD per sms

    AEB -2,500 AMD annual fee, 0% cash withdrawal fee from AEB ATMs, 1% — other ATMs in Armenia (min 1,000 AMD), 2%-ATMs abroad (min 3,000 AMD), 2% annual interest rate on positive balance, 24% annual interest rate on credit line, on-line transfers within the ARCA system-0,3%, SMS notifications 30 AMD per sms

  6. Arsen Arsen 10/03/2010

    Yes konkret xndir em unecel iranc telephone banking-i het. Chisht a xndiry mets cher, bayc amen depqum, ed iranc competency-i masin a xosum. yes iranc mi 25 angam heraxosov piti poxancvi XX.XXX gumar, aaaabbbbggggddd hashvin. iranq mi 100 angam chshtecin, heto het zangecin, mi hat el chshtecin, u henc vor poxancecin, parzvec vor XX.XXX-i poxaren, iranq poxancel ein XX.XYY gumar. Aysinqn sxaly mi 50 dram er, bayc barebaxtabar avel er, qan te pakas, te che im gortsarqy anvaver kchanachver. Yes el glux chdreci, vor znagem ed 50 drami hamar bazar anem.

    Hajordy, iranq iranc fee-ery taqcnum en u du dra masin imanum es, arden paymanagiry storagreluts heto. Orinak HSBC PLUS cardi het iranq arajarkum en ArCa credit card u dzeri het mi 89 angam asum en, vor da anvchar a, isk paymanagiry storagreluts heto parzvum a, vor ayn arji 5000 dram, dranic kanxikacnely 1% a u minimum 500 dram, daje yete 500 dram es kanxikacrel, heto parzvum a, vor ed credit line-i %-y hashvum a kanxikacman pahic, yev voch mi grace perios chka kanxik gortsarqneri depqum. Heto parzvum a, vor yete uzum es qo credit line-y poxes (metsacnes, poqracnes), piti 3000 dram animast pox tas, chgites te inchi hamar.

    Nayev, mi 10 angam indz xostacel en vor Statement en Deliver anelu electronayin, bayc miayn uxarkum en im ArCa-i statementy, bayc yerbeq HSBC PLUS-i statementy chem stacel. Mi ban el HSBC PLUS cardery voch mi haykakan u hamashxarhayin banking system-i mej integrvats chen, voch mi ban ches kara anes-voch internet arevtur, voch xanutum arevtur, menak cash u mek el ATM-i mijocov poxancum.

    Hima kaseq, ba ed depqum inchi eq ogtvum es bankic? Patasxany sa e, minch ors ahmberum enq, bayc shat shutov ayn verjanalu e…

  7. Arsen Arsen 10/03/2010

    Ha mi ban el asem u verj.

    Iranc varkery shat gravich en, ejan %-nerov u arag yntacakargerov, bayc verjum eli parzvum a, vor varki spasarkman vchar en gandzum, chem haskanum te inchi hamar. Orinak vercnum es 1.000.000 dram sparoxakan vark, mi 20.000 dram (motavorapes) menak spasarkman vchar a, vory kazmum a ed gumari 2%-y, aysinqn, varky irakanum x+2% a, bayc iranq mez asum en, vor x% a.

  8. armcomedy armcomedy 10/03/2010

    Arsen jan, du nuyn banki masin es xosum inch vor naxord post anox@?

  9. Arsen Arsen 11/03/2010

    Yes xosum ei HSBC-i masin, nenc stacvec vor Suicide Bomberi hamematutyan huni mej ynka u moraca nshem. Sorry.

  10. Credit AM Credit AM 12/03/2010

    You can find answers for all youр questions visiting only one office and talking only with one loan officer. Don’t waste your time and come to Armenia Marriott Hotel, Credit AM office. BTW. On the 3-rd floor you can also find another useful office: So welcome..

  11. ay qez ban ay qez ban 14/03/2010

    credit am-n el arit@ chi korcnum……baic de edqan el lav tex chi govazdov zabvelu hamar…..

  12. Sandaramet Sandaramet 25/03/2010

    Sometimes, when on etrie to withdraw cash from a HSBC ATM, it “swallows” your card for some strange reason. And then.. YOU HAVE TO PAY EXTRA to get back your card.. although you did noting wrong.. I am currently living in Germany. Dear Armenians, I recommend you to abandon that stupid Armenian banks, who just rob you, find a friend or a relative in Germany and ask him to open an account in DKB Berlin. You will get a credit line of ~7% negative interest rate! Do not let that rats to rob your money.

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