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Baffled Animal Behavior Prompts Early Spring

By Sergey

Animals disoriented by unusually warm weather

Armenian Meteorological Service announced signs of early spring in 2010. Scientists from the National  Weather Lab presented research of the weather for winter 2009-2010 which indicate early spring. Early on Monday, Chief Weatherman Garegin Minusyan shared findings of the Lab.

“You can clearly see it all on these photos made in Northern region of Armenia, as well as one made in downtown Yerevan in mid-January which clearly indicates the signs of quickly approaching spring”, said Minusyan introducing photos from the report.

Scientists have detected elements of animal activity pointing to early coming of warm weather. Weeks of monitoring of dogs and horses through January-February 2010 have allowed the Lab staff to affirm the early spring.

Gegharkunik marz predicted premature Spring back in January

“First we thought animals are exploring new ways of communication, but consistent analysis and consultation with our American and Australian colleagues helped us conclude that they are.. baffled into believing that is early spring,” stated Prof. Sahakyan.

The Weather Service prediction has also been confirmed by Director of Yerevan Zoo. Latter told ArmCom: “Goat and other cattle behavior  prompts that fauna is disoriented by warm weather. Majority exercise classic March behavior. Some are even manifesting hardcore April activities.”

Politicians from Ruling Coalition have taken up the topic to stress that  reason of the warming is improving economy. Officials from Ministry of Economy had announced that re-opening of several factories had impacted the weather.

Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan — openly Republican since November 2009 — told journalists at conference later on Monday: “Apparently, this is the odds of a good economy. Now that we are overcoming crisis consequences and boosting industry, weather has slightly modified. Basically, animals are instinctively celebrating improved economy.”

'Animal behavior indicates smart economic policy', IMF representative

IMF officials in Yerevan praised Government efforts in reversing negative economic indicators of 2009. “We have been closely monitoring the unusual animal activity in Yerevan and several marzes. The results clearly indicate steady recovery tendency in the Armenian economy”, said Ninke Omes Head of IMF in Armenia.

The opinion has also been shared by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development which has called Armenian investment climate “inspiring”. EBRD Country Director for Armenia explained the mechanics of the economic improvement: “We are very impressed by the photos of the improving economy in Armenia. Obviously the improving economy will lead to boost of investor activity in Armenia. We will certainly share the photos of the positive tendency with potential investors in Europe”.

Central Bank analysts believe 2010 will recover the double-digit growth of Armenian economy and may translate into reduction of budget deficit by end of the year, in case the animals sustain current economic symptoms.

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  1. Tatevik Tatevik 22/02/2010

    Hey! LOL… Now I See What is the real reason of our government’s feminist movements…!!! ;)))

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    Horse photo kindly stolen from Sonya Varoujian

    • Sonya Varoujian Sonya Varoujian 24/02/2010

      Which was kindly stolen from Armond Tahmazian….compliments of NKR

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