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Sophisticated Armenians Despise Avatar

by Narek

Avatar Armenia
'My IQ was simply too high' quote from an unknown blogger

Yerevan, Armenia — Tuesday night was marked by group of sophisticated Armenians celebrating their complete disregard towards James Cameron’s smash movie hit Avatar. “The Club”, Armenian mecca for those who consider themselves smarter and more complicated than others organized screening of an independent Croatian movie, to emphasize how primitive everyone who enjoyed Avatar are.

“Modesty aside, I’m just too smart to like Avatar, and 15 minutes after the premiere I was sharing my total disgust and boredom via Facebook status, Twitter and my personal blog” — was the statement of an avant-gard trombone player from Gyumri at the short interview we had at The Club.

“I wasted my time and money watching that pathetic rip-off of Pocahontas, I should’ve donated my 1500 drams to saving endangered jellyfish or some other noble cause” — sadly admitted Tatevik, head of an environmental NGO, age 12. Other sophisticated art aficionados were simply insulted by the plot of the movie: “I could tell what would happen in the finale after watching 7 minutes of the movie” — said Vahan, an exclusively black and white web designer, who has 7 blogs, 35 websites and no girlfriend. Another self-appointed movie critic claimed he knew the whole plot after just 4 minutes of watching the movie. The pointless debate stopped only when The Club’s most frequent high brow visitor, singer Armenchik announced that he knew the whole plot by just seeing the trailer.

'Hated it a capite ad calcem' Armenchik

“I most certainly find it impossibly arduous and somewhat immense to recommend any homo sapiens to witness that Gargantuan piece of post-modern sci-fi fecal. Gentleman of my statute could not help but vomiting for three consecutive hours” said Armenchik, author of musical gems like “Ալո դու էս, hello դու ես”.

Armenian movie appreciators organized a small but impressive ceremony before screening the Croatian movie. An average Facebook user who put up a status “I loved Avatar, it was brilliant, wanna see it again” was painted in blue, beaten to death then slowly roasted on smelly bonfire of Avatar DVD’s.

“It has always been our mission to expose our customers to true art, like the time we had an exhibition of framed underwear” said The Club’s owner Ludwig Arvestagetyan. The work of Croatian directors Hanja Kochansky and Rade Šerbedžija entitled “62 Elegant Emotions” tells the story of a young boy struggling with his complex emotions and developing necrophilia amid the war with Bosnia and Herzogivina in 1992. The movie, naturally done in black and white, was viewed in Croatian to preserve emotional tenseness, but had English subtitles for those few the Club visitors who only pretend to be sophisticated.

As a dramatic conclusion of the evening participants prepared a petition letter to be sent to James Cameron himself, stating that they warn the director that they will ignore all future James Cameron movies shown in Armenia. All 8 visitors of The Club signed the petition.


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  1. Vazgen Ghazaryan Vazgen Ghazaryan 03/02/2010


  2. Tatevik Tatevik 03/02/2010

    Leona Lewis who sings on Avatar soundtrack gonna bring an action against the Director of Avatar cause as she’s told:
    — OMG!!! the film’s heroine is very much alike to me i’m killed! why they did so??? … i’m so beautiful and she? what’s that — she’s not a girl, not yet a human being!

    P.S. HER IQ is 173 beats Judith Polgar ( IQ=170 ), Albert Einstein ( IQ=160 ) and Bill Gates ( IQ=160 ). :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  3. evita evita 04/02/2010

    the movie has very predictable and simple “hollywoodish” structure and ending, there are very basic “tools” used to influence 21st century human eyes and psychology, that’s true. Still even more primitive are those who are so errogant to notice these and don’t go further into the essence of the plot, the philosophy which it presents. Just put away ur snobistic and pseudeo-sophisticated errogance and try to see what is told there

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