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Security Service to Shelter Families of Armenian Soccer Players

 By Sergey


Հայ ֆուտբոլիստը փորձում է տիրանալ գնդակին
Armenian player attempting to get hold of ball


Armenian national soccer team failed a second time to defeat Turks establishing an unfavorable tradition of 2:0. Instead, Armenian players exhibited  lavish hospitality near their goals during the October 14 match.

Despite the 2:0 defeat, Armenian team received an attractive agreement proposal from sportswear  giant NIKE company. Right after the game, NIKE signed a $20 million contract with the Armenian Football Federation which obliges the Armenian players in the next 20 years not to wear any NIKE item. The contract also stipulates additional $10 millions if family members of the players also refrain from wearing NIKE brand.

Nevertheless a group of emotional Dashnak football fans attempted to greet the Armenian team upon return, however administration of the airport did not allow armed fans on the Zvartnots territory.

Coach of the Armenian team offered impressions: “I don’t share the general disappointment. Basically the year has been very successful: our team played in a number of European countries like France, Germany, Belgium. Many of the footballers had never been to those countries and managed to gain great impressions and enjoy cultural experiences.”

Answering the question of what is the preferred score of defeat for our team, captain Sahakyan replied: “It all depends on rating of the team we play with. With stronger teams we prefer to be defeated at 1:0 or 2:1. However our big time goal is a defeat with 3:2 score which I believe is feasaible in the next few years!”

Two presidents share latest anecdotes on Georgians during the game
Two presidents share latest anecdotes on Georgians during the game

Coach of the team Minasyan added to the optimism: “The recent game with Spain was also very useful for our team. We managed to take pictures with celebrity players like Castillias, Torres. So focusing only on defeat is really not fair.”

Chief of the Football Fans Federation of Armenia, Khachatur Gndakyan also highlighted the advantages of the game: “I believe every defeat only adds to the joy that we will experience when we finally win a game. In this regards, I believe this was a very useful match.” 

Gndakyan also explained his relatively good mood: “Our Football Federation distributes free pills which help us not only refrain from negative sentiments but keep happy spirits all through the game!”

Հայ ֆուտբոլասերը դառնության պահին
Armenian fan swearing in silent despair

Armenian law enforcers, just in case, advise Armenian players to refrain from appearing in public venues and taking children to school in the next few months.


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