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Armenian Drivers Forced to Buckle Up Prior to Car Accidents

By Sergey

"Seat belts are for losers' claim local drivers
"Seat belts are for losers' claim local drivers

“This makes no sense,” freaks our taxi driver Artem, 34. “I have never been in a car accident and I still have to wear the seatbelt? What if I never have an accident till the end of my life? Does the government realize how ridiculous this will make me look?”

Fair disappointment of drivers formed into a rally in front of the Parliament on Barghramyan street. Mad crowd was burning seat belt in the street and singing patriotic songs, while the activists were bringing in tents and snickers bars.

“We will not move from here, until the Parliament takes a new decision allowing to ignore seat belts and bans women drivers, too, while we are about it,” says, Miasnik Karagyozyan, representative of the mad crowd. “Also we want some kind of on-site entertainment and booze, as this rally might take a while”

On the side of the Parliament there has been little activity recorded. Twice people wearing shorts and sunglasses approached from behind the fence to flip a finger on the mad crowd and quickly disappeared.

The police had been fining unbuckled drivers for two days on, before the popular disappointment was shaped into practical patterns of anger. The culmination was recorded when police burnt alive two drivers of ambulance who were not buckled. According to police media department this was done “to show that this is no joke and the police means business.”

Arnold Mnatsakanyan, Chief of Traffic Police said: “I understand the criticism. Indeed it was a tough decision, but without burning those three ambulance drivers, it would be less convincing and impressive.. Just think of how many people could be saved if seat belts were used and then compare to some three ambulance driver lost. We can hire four drivers in their spot, if you like.”

Speaker for Republican Party noted that “police did what they had to under the circumstances. “The drivers were not buckled up, so, obviously, the police had no choice.”

The protest is still in process and is expected to continue till late Friday.

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  1. Tigran Tigran 06/09/2009

    Very nice piece of humor! One small remark however: the fragment of burning the drivers was a bit too far from reality which immediately changed the style of the story. Thanks

  2. Khzrt Khzrt 03/10/2009

    Mad crowd was burning [insert object of protest] in the street and *singing patriotic songs*, while the activists were bringing in tents and snickers bars.

    This can be copy-pasted in virtually any demonstration in Armenia :D.

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